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John Abendroth

Working with Cynthia for about a year…I have lost 40+ lbs and 4 inches. This has been a lifelong challenge for me, and Cynthia has given me the focus, motivation and direction to make it happen.  She is very professional and dedicated to what she does. Thank you Cynthia...

Patricia (Cooki) Golelli

Cynthia has helped me meet my medical goals as well as doing a great job of toning. I have lost weight and 2 dress sizes. She keeps me motivated to keep going. It has made an incredible change in my life. She has stuck by me and my medical tests show it. I am very grateful to Cynthia even though I moan and groan!

Claudette L Reeves

I totally believe I was blessed to be a part of the Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC), especially having a Trainer like Cynthia Newman as she knows just how to train prople who have injuries without putting stress on the area while building up the area around the injury. I will spread the word to anyone I meet, Cynthia and the PJCC are a winning team.

Barbara Joyner
Foster City, CA

I first went to a gym after retiring from a sedentary work life. What a wonderful gift to find Cynthia as a trainer. She teaches me true fitness - to be healthy as well as strong using the right form, appropriate weights, and building my energy and endurance (not to mention - my confidence). I may not be able to hold the years back, but Cynthia inspires me to feel good living them.

Vivian Poblete

Cynthia was excellent. I changed my life style: eating better and exercising regularly because of her teachings and influence. She is a good role model. I appreciate everything Cynthia has done for me.

Elizabeth Smoyorsky

I am really lucky to work with Cynthia Newman on my fitness program. She really knows how to work with special needs of a client. Thank you.

Richard Smith

In 2006 I had a minor heart attack that resulted in an artery repaired with two stents. My Cardiologist insisted that I begin a vigorous cardio program. I decided to obtain the services of a personal trainer and this is where Cynthia Newman came into my life. She put together a program designed to improve my cardio health, lose weight and improve my overall physical condition.

Since then my health has improved significantly and I have continued to work with Cynthia. She is a fabulous personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, organized, focused and only wants the best outcome for her clients. I train with her twice a week at my home in a small studio gym Cynthia and I designed and put together. I feel pumped up after my workout sessions and my outlook on life is great.

I thank Cynthia for the quality of life I now enjoy. I am 77 years old and do everything I want to. I enjoy my boat, shooting skeet and trap, and enjoy getting out with friends for lunch and a movie. Thank you Cynthia for being you and getting me here.

Virtual Training Fit 4 You

Contact Cynthia to find out more info on this cutting edge training or to sign up for virtual training via Skype or Google Hangouts... This training can be in the comfort of your home or hotel room as you travel. Great way to stay up to date with Cynthia...and stay Fit 4 You. or 650-576-5923

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