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Life Sculpting, a new concept in Personal Training.

By: Cynthia E. Newman, Personal Trainer

In chatting with a client of mine on his success of losing 4-inches and 40+ pounds over 9 months, he said what I have achieved with him is “Life Sculpting” and not just weight loss.

This particular client is former PGA-Tour player and co-host of "Hooked on Golf" radio program John Abendroth who at 62 years old had gained weight the past 15 years, he had been doing exercises but his routine was not specific. He has had both hips replaced and was ready to look at a new approach to dropping those extra pounds. With a regime of cardio, weights, use of stability ball in circuit training approach along with proper nutrition ideas, the weight loss has been a great success and his golf swing has improved as well.

Another way of looking at this idea of “Life Sculpting” would be a “Holistic” approach to Personal Training as you need to look at the life style of the client.  When the client can look at the entire scope of their life, the training and exercise combined with nutrition and a commitment to do the work can lead to a greater level of self-confidence.

John tells me that virtually every day someone comments on his weight loss and how great he looks. As you can imagine, this has led to increased self-confidence better overall health and overall fitness has improved. Another comment John made in discussing this was related to the investment of working with a Personal Trainer is a good investment when you look at the entire picture of improved health brought on by the weight loss.

So this is just one example of how we as Personal Trainers can make a very positive impact not just on building a muscle or two or having a client losing a few pounds but to improve their entire life. “Life Sculpting” a new concept in Personal Training.